Shikhar Khanal
With the sound of a gun,
a woman saw a man fall.
As the voice became airborne,
I saw it scattering.
Even within the blind figure here, death saw the human.
All around the graves saw dogs fighting.
Samadhishtha corpses are also seen lying here.
In front of the mother, all the daughters were seen as widows.
I saw your grandparents crying. Wishing for peace,
he saw the house on fire. .
I also saw ghosts flying in the cowsheds.
He saw innocent human and ignorant animals dying. .
In the courtyards of Sorathi dances, he saw murder and violence.
The villagers fled the house and saw the city.
The whole world saw the strong, broken in the butt.
I saw the claws of the Yamarajas falling on life.
I saw my mother drinking nectar crying now.
Praying to God, the mother saw that she was looking for a son. .
The woman within the ancestors of injustice, saw justice survive.
Now, with unbridled guns, I saw people being killed.
Seeing the poor begging for peace. The woman, like the flower of Parijat, saw peace fall. .

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