My Dog Danny

By Aayushnova

We read about humans being raised by animals. I was raised by a Canidae as well. My Daniel. [Wolf dogs are known for their highly advanced expressive behavior] Dani and I’d be home alone in the wee hours. Into the bargain, since the beginning of me, I’ve had Daniel. From my companion- to my best friend- to my brother- to my dad- my guard- my keeper – my escort– my guardian- my boaster- he became my EVERYTHING; the reason for me to go home. Manifestly, Dani became my Entire World. Whilst I have Two others who I love to a profound extent, Dani overrides generality. He is the Life in my frail and trembling bones. The gleam on my parade. My consort. It is almost as if I wouldn’t be Me without Him.

I am more Dani than I am myself. I had fractured my Tibia, which helped me recoup. He licks my face to stop me from singing my sleazy nursery rhymes to him. He pushes my face with his gesticulating me to stop taking D-selfies with him. <A Selfie with Dani is a D-elfie> To itemize things he loves is duck soup. My Dulu is a vicious wolf who doesn’t like a lot of things. He loves playing ball. He loves take-aways. He loves meat and ice creams and everything sweet. He loves momos and noodles. He loves remorselessly ripping flesh off people’s neck and ankles 《Why pet animals when you cannot cope with them acquitting as animals!》 Dani loves this sparrow friend of his.

He loves Fifi and our parents. Dulu loves Rs. 5 note, that’s his cut-price bush-league. Chiefly, he loves his elder sister (me), who he’s nurtured as his own child throughout the expanse. [Disclaimer: Daniel hates everything else from his very guts/ systems/ atoms] For as long as I remember, It’s been me for Dani and Dani for me, and it’s equally immutable as it is unalterable. I could do without my parents but not without Dani. Comparisons are done when you have perfection. My Dani is IC 1101 enough for me. The love that pervades ubiquitous in me, the starkness that engrosses me. I am primed to lie, cheat, beg, bribe, kill, amoral, suborn just to watch him play his ballgames and breathe. Every second I’ve spent with him, I’ve been greedy for more. If only we could cheat age!

The author is currently studying MBBS in Bangladesh

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