Evening Out

Prathavi Rana

In the evening mom told us we are going out to Durbarmarga to fashion mantra. We have to try out our lehenga and our night suit; in the car, my dad realized he forgot his wallet but luckily he had a check and phone pay so we went there. We did not like the lehenga but we will love the night suit. We could not pay from the phone pay cause there was no internet, then we went to my dad’s friend’s restaurant. 

The name of the restaurant was cafe cosmic. We had a special kind of juice for vegans. We also had a kind of vegan meat. we had 2 pizzas and my dad had a burger, my mom had a plate of chowmein. We also had chicken. We enjoyed the food and last we had vegan ice cream then we paid and went home. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. 

Author Rana is a class 5 student currently study at St. Mary’s High School.

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